BEE Advisory Services

Concerned about the impact of the Amended B-BBEE Codes (effective 01 May 2015)?


We can assist with a detailed analyis of your indicative scoring on the new codes..

And can further provide you with on-going consultation and support in terms of preparing your company for these changes. We also offer access to scorecard software that could assist your entity in adequately planning for, budgeting towards and implementing the necessary strategy to ensure your compliance with this new legislation is kept on track..


What is your turnover bracket?


Less than R5 Million

The verification process is not complicated, simply contact us for more information on the how to go about obtaining an Exempted Micro Enterprise compliance certificate..


Between R5 Million and R35 Million

You need to comply with 4 of the 7 BEE elements prior to being audited on your BEE status. We can prepare you for the onsite verification audit and assist with strategies to ensure that you achieve the highest possible "BEE Level" outcome 


Above R35 Million

You need to comply with all 7 elements of the B-BBEE Scorecard. With our help you will be well prepared for your audit and will even have an indication of the draft score prior to the verification taking place. We (on your behalf) work closely with the verification agent contracted to perform the audit to ensure the best possible outcome.