BEE Training

Virtual Training Series: Amended B-BBEE Codes – What you need to know!

The Amended BEE legislation affects just about every business in South Africa. Join us as we journey through the new B-BBEE Codes & make sense of it all!

Training Course & Content

In this series of training videos (comprising 8 x 1.5 hour sessions) we open up each of the B-BBEE scorecard elements to get a practical grasp on the key measurement principles, audit methodologies & calculations that make up the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

Cost to download the training videos:  R50.00 per session (electronic MP4 format)


Topics covered in this series:

  1. "The Bigger Picture!" – An Overview of the Legislative Framework governing BEE Compliance & New concepts, principles and definitions introduced in the Amended BEE Codes
  2. "Adding & Creating Value" – Equity Ownership: Scoring, Net Value Calculations (the "Real Deal"), Shareholding Structures, Forms of Ownership & Fronting Indicators
  3. "Climbing the ladder…" – Management Control: Board Participation, Executive & Non-Executive Management, Employment Equity Levels, definitions, EAP-based calculations & evidence requirements
  4. "The Transformation Lifeline!" – Skills Development: Pre-requisites, The Training Matrix, Legitimate Claims, EAP-based calculations & Scoring big with Learnerships & Apprenticeships!
  5. "Sustainable SMME's – Driving the Economy!" – Part 1: Preferential Procurement: B-BBEE Recognition Levels, The deal-breaker: "Empowering Supplier Status", calculations & evidence requirements
  6. "Sustainable SMME's – Driving the Economy!" – Part 2: Enterprise & Supplier Development: Qualifying beneficiaries, contribution types & evidence requirements
  7. "Making it count!" – Socio-Economic Development: Indicative NPAT Targets, Industry Norms, qualifying beneficiaries, contribution types & evidence requirements
  8. "Wrapping it up" – We will conclude this webinar series with an Open Q&A Session to debate some direct questions from our participants & to solidify some of the key principles learnt throughout the series. 

Who would benefit from this series?

Business Owners & Managers, SD & HR Practitioners, Training Managers, Human Resource Managers, Procurement Managers, Transformation Managers, Accountants, Tax Practitioners & Auditors, SANAS Accredited Verification Agency Staff, BEE Consultants / Advisors and anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of B-BBEE!

About the Presenter

Reg Glutz is a B-BBEE Professional with over a decade of experience in the field, having worked in various capacities conducting BEE audits, managing verification teams & processes, co-developing a leading BEE Scorecard Software / Compliance Management system & providing advisory services to corporates & SMME's alike. Reg holds a post graduate certificate (MDP) in Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment through UNISA.