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bee4business - BEE Specialist in Durban
bee4business - BEE Specialist in Durban
bee4business - BEE Specialist in Durban
Specialist B-BBEE Advisory
bee4business - BEE Specialists
B-BBEE Solutions that make Business sense

We've developed an innovative Compliance Management Solution that addresses B-BBEE in a manner that is sustainable and efficient. We pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations of our clients! Contact Us for more information or to book an online consultation with our team of BEE Specialists today...

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BEE4Business (Pty) Ltd is a Specialist B-BBEE Advisory firm.

We have over 16 years of experience in the industry and have assisted countless clients achieve their transformation goals over the years!

We are located in Durban, Richards Bay & Johannesburg, with clients across the country…

We offer tailor-made compliance solutions for any size business…

Quick Assessment Reports

A desktop assessment of the indicative level of compliance on the B-BBEE scorecard including targets and shortfalls

Strategy Planning Reports

A complete gap analysis of compliance on all of the B-BBEE scorecard elements including a strategy plan for implementation

Compliance Management Solution

End-to-end management and implementation of the necessary measures to ensure that the B-BBEE status & compliance strategy of the company is kept on track throughout the year; reporting on progress and facilitating strategic decision-making

Audit Preparation

Pre-verification scorecard and evidence pack compilation including facilitation of the onsite verification audit with the appointed auditors

Training Sessions

Customised onsite B-BBEE Training on various elements of the scorecard and/or Sector Codes of Good Practice, in line with Industry Best Practice

Ad-hoc Advisory

Hourly rate billing for consultation and advice as and when required. We facilitate face-to-face engagements around transformation plans and compliance objectives

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BEE4Business (Pty) Ltd is a consulting firm established with the objective of empowering Businesses with the tools they need to proactively manage their compliance strategies and related outcomes while at the same time easing the administrative burden and risk associated with achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

BEE4Business (Pty) Ltd offers a range of advisory services aimed at assisting Small, Medium and Large enterprises with the management and implementation of strategies and solutions to meet their legislative compliance requirements and maximise return on investment for clients.

Value Added Services - Offered by our Associates

For more information or to get in touch with one of our Specialist Advisors, please contact us…

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